Representing the decline and fall: nineteenth-century responses to the Asclepius/Hygieia and Clementinus ivory diptychs, published in 2013 by Ashgate, in an edited volume entitled: Wonderful Things Byzantium through its Art. 

‘The essays collected in this book were delivered at the XLII Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, held in London in 2009 to accompany the exhibition Byzantium 330-1453, at the Royal Academy. The exhibition was one of the most ambitious and complex exhibitions ever mounted by the Royal Academy, as well as one of the most popular, and the overall aim of the book is to reflect on the exhibition of Byzantine art, both as an academic and popular exercise, and through the choice and discussion of individual objects’.

Typecasting Byzantium: Perpetuating the Nineteenth-Century British Pro-classical Polemic, published in January 2016 by Ashgate, in an edited volume entitled: The Reception of Byzantium in European Culture since 1500.

This volume brings together Byzantine specialists from various countries, whose work focuses on the influence of Byzantine culture on the world after the fall of Constantinople.

ISBN 978-1-4724-4860-6 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-4724-4861-3 (e-book)

Casts of Thousands: British Nineteenth-Century Fictile Ivory Collections, published in 2016 by the Institute of Art History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest, in an edited volume entitled: John Brampton Philpot’s Photographs of Fictile Ivory. Edited by Júlia Papp and Benedetta Chiesi.

This illustrated catalogue centres on a series of 172 photographs of casts of well-known ivory carvings from European collections, taken in the 1860s by John Brampton Philpot, an English photographer living in Florence. Topics raised include the history of photography, the manufacture and distribution of fictile ivory reproductions, the rise and fall of interest in casting sculptural art works in plaster, and the development of historical research in the nineteenth-century.

ISBN 978-615-5133-10-7 (hardcover)

The Ivory in the Portrait: The Reproduction of Late Antique and Byzantine ivories in the Nineteenth century, published in 2021 by the Institute of Art History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest, in an edited volume entitled: Engraving, Plaster Cast, Photograph: Chapters from the History of Artwork Reproduction. Edited by Júlia Papp.

This publication contains edited versions of the presentations delivered at the International Workshop on the History of Reproductions held on 27th August 2020 in the Lutheran Central Museum in Budapest, in connection with the exhibition titled “Present of Ferencz Pulszky”.

ISBN 978-963-416-284-1 (hardcover)